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baronessvarla's Journal

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Baroness Varla
3 March 1965
Passion, that's what it's all about for me.

I enjoy wearing big, stompy boots & black & red clothes & looking as intimidating as possible. It's all to hide my soft interior.

I'm hyper-creative, always having dozens of art projects going on at once. I think without my ability to draw I would never have made it this far. It's given me an outlet & a muse.

I have not updated this field in ten years (!). I still love passion. Passion has always been the most important element in my life and the driving force. I've been very lucky to know what my passions are.

My passion for the last seven years has been Russia. The Russian people, Russian culture, Russian literature and Russian music (ooo, and food. For gourd's sake, I've gained 30 pounds since I've been here!). I've been lucky enough in my life to find my passion.

I now live in Saint Petersburg, Russia and the reality is much better than my daydreams.

Russian people are bluntly honest, hot to temper, but they're never fake. They feel it, express it, and move on. I love Russia.

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